4 Common Places That You Forget to Clean in Your Home

It is usually easy to see what needs to be cleaned up the moment you enter into a room. There is this kitchen sink that is piled with dirty dishes and utensils as well as a pile of dirty laundry sitting around and waiting to be washed.  


Do you forget about the rest of the room once obvious things are cleaned away? Well, take a look the 4 common places in your home that you are forgetting to clean. 

    Undersides of Furniture 

There are usually a few dust bunnies rolling around that can be easily cleaned using a dust mop or vacuum cleaner.  You should take time to take a look at the actual bottom of the furniture piece and you will be surprised on what clings to chair seats, bed frames and table braces. You must use your vacuum or dusting wand to remove spider webs and eggs, grime and dust. 

    Walls and Baseboards 

In your vertical and horizontal surfaces, dust and grime can cling. You will be amazed at how furry your walls may be once you open the curtains or blinds and turn on all the lights. Even more, dust is lurking if you happen to have textured wallpaper.  

Using a duster that traps particles, start at the top of the wall and work down. You need to clean stray marks or soils particles that may be around door knobs and light switches. By paying attention to baseboards you can finish wall cleaning.  

On tiny ledges, you will surely be surprised because of an amazing amount of dust that can be collected there. You will probably need to wipe the baseboards down with a damp cloth since the moisture transformed the dust into soil that clings to the surface especially in rooms like baths and kitchens where there is more humidity. 

    Tops of Cabinets, Doors and Picture Frames 

Take time to look up when you are cleaning because you will see more dirt since we intend to ignore what is beyond our plane of sight. Kitchen and tall storage cabinets, ceiling corners and picture frames must be cleaning properly and regularly.  

Check the light fixtures and ceiling fans while you are up there. The best tool that you can use to capture dust and spider webs is by using a disposable duster with an extendable handle. You can use a clean microfiber cloth and stick it to a broom or mop handle using a rubber band or tape if you do not have one. 

    Closet Doors 

When a closet needs a clean out, it will be easy to see because the shelves are piled high, clothes crammed together, and things fall on you when you open the door. Closet floor especially if they are carpeted can get really dirty and be full of dust from the outside. The carpet can become a place wherein mold and mildew will thrive leading to pest infestation. 

You must clean properly your carpet and on a regular basis, it is also advisable to seek professional help from companies such as www.manchnhcarpetcleaners.com that provides professional cleaning services and guarantees satisfaction of their clients.